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Taking Donations

It is with the helping hands of many, that allows us to meet the needs of all the Veterans who need assistance. Whether they ask or don't have the means to ask, we would like to help! Bringing POW-MIA soldiers' home is an interictal part of why we collect donations and host fund raisers, and we Need YOUR Help! With every donation we are able to help someone very deserving. We also spend much of our volunteered time meeting families and helping local Veterans in need when we can. From financial donations, items that can be raffled off, to physical items that could be placed in the hands and homes of a Veteran in need, we will make your donation go a long way!

Salt Hill.jpg

President Bill Dufour receiving a check from The Salt Hill Pub in Newport, NH from our Dining for a Cause event to raise money and help our Veterans

Donation - Newbury Veterans Commity.jpeg

President Bill Dufour also receiving a check from The Newbury Veterans Community who donated mostly from the members themselves to continue helping our Veterans.

Items for FREE! (to a good home)

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