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Happy Navy Day!

Happy Navy Day! The Navy League of the United States held the first Navy Day on October 27, 1922, in honor of Theodore Roosevelt's birthday, as he was an ardent Navy supporter. In the 1970s, the "birthday" of the Navy was redefined as October 13, 1775, but October 27 remains, historically, Navy Day. Learn more at

Pictured: Tugboats and U.S. Navy warships on New York's Hudson River for Navy Day celebrations on October 27, 1945. Visible in the foreground are the anchored warships USS Augusta (CA-31), USS Midway (CVB-41), USS Enterprise (CV-6), USS Missouri (BB-63), USS New York (BB-34), USS Helena (CA-75), and USS Macon (CA-132). (US Navy Photo)


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